Let’s Make A Film?

Blue Board Presents:

Is a film and theatre production agency that has produced a number of theatre, short movie and cultural events since 2005.

From drama films, dance shows, musical performances and cultural shows we can do it all.

We are currently working on a series of short films and trailers of features we have in the pipeline. Some of the trailers and shorts will be uploaded here soon for viewing.

Actively looking for funding for a feature film, horror thriller based in Hong Kong to shoot in 2021. If you are looking for an investment in arts please do get in touch.

Investors Required

We are looking for investors in our feature film that we will shoot in 2021 in Hong Kong.

At the moment we have secured the director and director of photography Marc Oberdorfer. 

Writer and producer Daniel Hemsworth is also on the project along with many of the key crew members including sound recording, camera operators and other crew.

The Cost of Making a Movie

The estimated cost of making a full feature movie in Hong Kong in this age is hitting the HKD$3,700.00.00 mark

That’s approximately USD$480,000.00.

That’s not too much to ask, is it?

Come on, get on board with Blue Board. You know you want the tax dodge.

The Last Day

A 1 min film by Marc Oberdorfer

This film was originally made for the Chanel Hex online horror film festival. It’s a shining example of the talent and skill of our director and cinematographer Marc Oberdorfer.

“I made this film on my own within 8 hours including SFX make up, shooting and voice over recording” said Marc about the project. He called it “an interesting exercise for what you can do by yourself in your own home and within a limited amount of time and resources”.

Submit Your Script

We are now accepting scripts and treatments to make into films.

If you have a script or a treatment prepared you can submit it to us through this form.

Once received, we will contact you by email to confirm receipt of your submission and give you a timeframe as to when you will hear if your piece is successful not for production.

All scripts must be submitted in PDF format.

Please ensure your name and contact details are on the cover / 1st page of the file.

In the comments box please give some basic details such as genre, length, language (if not in English), and a short description about yourself.