Let’s Drink Some Wine?

Less Waste, More Reuse

The future of the world is going in a direction of less waste to reduce the impact on the environment.

We are proposing a wine shop that not only delivers tasty wines but also helps push forward on the waste reduction movement in Hong Kong.

The concept of reusing wine bottle is not new, it’s already common practise in many cities around the world.

Hong Kong being the forward moving city that it is must be on the forefront of this concept and lead the world into less waste era.

What kind of Poeple Are We Looking For

The busisness of developing such a concept store in Hong Kong can be tedious in research and expensive to set up. Renting a location, setting up the appropriate equipment. 

We want to be sure that Hong Kong is actually ready for this kind of technology and will embrace the idea of reusable wine bottles and waste reduction in wine sales and supply.

If you think this is something you can get behind, shoot us a message and ask for more details about the concept.

What Are The Initial & Ongoing Costs

We have not yet started the research into the procedures and costs of setting up this kind of concept store. 

We will update here as soon as this project gets underway.