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  • Ballet by Zoom

    Zoom Ballet Classes @ Gravity Ballet During this difficult time where the government of Hong Kong continues to order fitness studios to be closed we have come up with a solution for all our dance enthusiastsRead More

Sweet Words from our Proud Partners Worldwide

  • 在gravity ballet見到很多成人、上班族來追尋自己兒時的芭蕾夢,我很喜歡在gravity ballet學習,因為老師教學認真,對學生的堅持,在Gravity ballet有很多的機會,演出、表演…最難忘的是赴北京參賽及參加台北室內芭蕾舞團的夏令營。
  • Gravity Ballet is so different from other ballet school in HK. They don't have beautiful, well-equipped facilities like the other prestigious ballet schools have, the studio is simple or a bit broken, all the mirror and bars are all done by the teachers and students. They don't even turn on the air-con to dance during Winter(not sure about Summer). Opened for 6 years, got lots of students that some started since the first day of opening. Eve Yu, a Taiwanese ballerina and teacher came to HK all the way to start everything all over again to nurture not only the kids, but also and mainly for adults even they are a super beginner. BTW, when she teaches, she's really serious and harsh, so don't be lazy and play around.
  • 時間過得真快,不經不覺在 Gravity Ballet 已跳了一年了, 在這一年,讓我真真正正認識到學芭蕾舞其實是什麼一回事 !這裡的老師都非常注重學員的基本功,因她們明白若初學時基礎打得不好根本就不能學好芭蕾舞,正所謂與其做了一百次錯誤的動作都不及做一次正確的。所以在這裡我也糾正了很多以往我一直以為是對的錯誤做法,說實話在過去一年,我確實比以前的我進步了不少,雖絕對稱不上跳得好,在學芭蕾舞的路上我仍有很漫長的路要走呢!但進度卻是令我感到滿意的,亦對自己有所交待。最難得的是每一位老師都是非常用心地去教學,絕不敷衍了事得過且過便算,她們認真的態度及對教學那股熱誠確實令不少學員留下了深刻的印象,特別是她們對從沒有學過芭蕾舞的學員更是格外用心指導,經常不厭其煩的個別糾正他們的錯誤之處,所以我絕不保留地推介從沒有學過芭蕾舞但又對其有濃厚興趣者不妨試試他們的 Beginner class, 保證你一定能感受到學芭蕾舞的樂趣。若時光可以倒流能讓我早幾年認識 Gravity Ballet 的話,相信我在學芭蕾舞的路上便能走少很多冕枉路了。
  • 一直很喜歡看芭蕾, 但從沒想過在這種年纪去學習跳芭蕾,終於有一天鼓起勇氣去尋找教室,走遍很多地方,但始終沒找到那份學習的衝動,直至走進Gravity Ballet, 導師們耐心的教導及認真的講解,就算你是從零開始也不用害怕,她們同樣會悉心地教導,絕對會讓你的學習興趣一天比一天濃厚。就是她們那份熱誠,感動到一大班白天各有各忙,晚上卻必定到教室學習跳舞的成年人,風雨不改!! 所以, Gravity Ballet不只是跳舞室,她更加是一個大家庭,讓芭蕾藝術愛好者集中學習及交流的好地方!!
  • 我跟Miss Eve上課已一年半, 喜歡她教學明快的節奏,喜歡她的open class每天有不同的組合。其他學校的成人芭蕾舞班每星期只有幾堂,而且多數只有beginner的課程又或者是RAD考試課程。Gravity Ballet的open class有4個不同程度,而且每天都有課堂,選擇課堂時比較有彈性。
  • Gravity Ballet is the first and only studio I have joined since I moved to Hong Kong. It is such a small studio that you may barely finish 6 posé turns in a diagonal direction. However, inside this limited space, it lives a bunch of adult dancers who are chasing after their unlimited dream. Every day, you see numbers of girls (may be with a couple of guys) all tight up their hair into a nice bun, dress up in professional attire, and try their best to make a perfect jeté, under the patient and detailed step-by-step instructions from the teachers. Challenging combination at the barre and center, consistent struggling en pointe practice, and staying focus for every single detail with your toes, even just part-time practice in such a petite ballet studio with these dream chasers, make my management consulting life different. I am still on the way to perfect double pirouettes after my two-year practice in Gravity Ballet, but it makes me energetic to make a turn in this boutique ballet studio.

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